Providing AnyPaaS Reliability and Flexibility for a Crisis Helpline

Chimo Helpline provides a free compassionate and confidential support line for mental health crisis intervention, wellbeing support, and suicide prevention.

AnyPaaS Reliability

After completing the necessary back-end work, we were able to switch Chimo

from its previous vendor to AnyPaaS in just 8.5 hours. 


When you’re managing a helpline for people in crisis, being available 24/7 is a must, but problems with Chimo’s previous vendor were making this a challenge. Maintenance was complicated, technical support was lacking, and far too often Chimo found itself with a crisis of its own—the line would go down, without notice, requiring them to reach out for vendor assistance, and the resolution time would be as long as 8 hours. 

What might be an inconvenience in the world of customer service could very well be life-threatening when it comes to crisis intervention. “Thank you for your call, please leave a message or call back later” just doesn’t work. 

Chimo needed a new solution and a new partner, but even that came with challenges as many platforms and providers felt it was too small to work with. That’s when Concentrix answered the call. 


We listened to the Chimo team and took the time to understand their challenges, both in terms of the technology and their own knowledge or comfort with it. From the very beginning, we communicated to them in layman’s terms, explaining what our solution entailed and what it would mean for Chimo and its callers. 

What allowed us to support them, no matter their scale, was the flexibility of our AnyPaaS solution. Whereas traditional contact centers have used on-premise technology with internal servers and storage, AnyPaaS offered a flexible cloud-based platform with push-button deployment. 

The key benefits of AnyPaaS reliability and flexibility to Chimo included: 

Contact Center as a Service Flexibility
Rather than being tied to one technology vendor, Chimo could customize its solution to leverage the features and pricing that fit its needs.

Cloud Provider Reliability

Migrating Chimo to our AnyPaaS cloud solution allows its helpline to run smoothly and reliably, without worrying about what might happen with a single vendor. 

Data Resiliency and Sovereignty

Given the sensitivity of the crisis line and privacy concerns of calls, Chimo was assured of geographic compliance and data sovereignty requirements.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

A single user interface that remains consistent regardless of changes made to vendors, providers, or features assured Chimo of a seamless experience.

While gathering requirements with Chimo, we identified an opportunity to enhance its capabilities in reporting. Although it possessed valuable data, it struggled to efficiently extract insights, such as wait times or call abandonment rates. To streamline this process, we seamlessly integrated generative AI reporting into the platform, empowering Chimo to pose precise queries using natural language, visualize data, and swiftly access the insights necessary for informed business decisions. 

AnyPaaS Reliability

“Well, Concentrix got it right. In fact, they got it perfect! They took the time to understand what we do to ensure that we had the right platform that worked for us. They went above and beyond to help us do our job to the best of our ability.”

– Lisa Edwards | Program Manager, Chimo Helpline, a division of John Howard Society of Fredericton, Inc.


Where competitors can quote as many as 12-18 weeks for onboarding a similar solution, we knew that timeline was unacceptable—and we could do better. 

After completing the necessary back-end work, we were able to switch Chimo from its previous vendor to AnyPaaS in just 8.5 hours. In less time than it took to resolve past outages, we transitioned both voice and chat channels, in both English and French, with zero downtime, no outages, and not a single call lost. 

Chimo is thrilled with the AnyPaaS reliability and flexibility of its new solution and noted that training employees on it has been quick and easy. Although it’s too early to quantify, Chimo is already seeing huge benefits through easy access to operational data, empowering it to manage every crisis that comes in. 

Looking for cutting-edge technology, an innovative approach, and (most importantly) flexibility? See how AnyPaaS can transform your business and take your contact center to the next level. 

AnyPaaS Reliability

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