Deep experience for a changing automotive world

Automotive is undergoing its most profound change since the launch of the model T.  Several major trends are converging to massively accelerate change in the customer experience.

  • New customer paradigms – customers expect a shopping and ownership experience on par with the best in any other industry.  New entrants, such as Carvana and Tesla, along with the pandemic have swiftly raised the bar in automotive.
  • Vehicle Propulsion – Electric and other next-gen propulsion systems simplify vehicle manufacturing and help address climate change, while introducing new complexities around ‘refueling’ and vehicle lifecycle.
  • Vehicle Technology  – Connected, autonomous, and drive-by-wire software technologies fundamentally change the driving experience, although the in-vehicle user experience is more complicated than ever before.  Vehicle service will be less frequent, more over-the-air, and increasingly separated from sales showrooms.

Marketing Solutions has decades of experience in meeting the needs and challenges of automotive brands and dealer networks as they navigate every nuance of the customer journey.  We can also tap into our vast experience helping lead brands design, build and optimize exceptional customer experiences across every other industry including technology, telecommunications and ecommerce. We offer strategic solutions in key areas of change:

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