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An automotive manufacturer was struggling with a personalization strategy that was tailored to segments rather than individuals, and didn’t have the data strategy it needed to engage customers as individuals. The client tapped into the expertise of Concentrix, seeking a makeover for its customer engagement program to rev up both sales and service performance.


We took a deep dive into how customers connected with the manufacturer, paying attention to every touchpoint in the customer journey, including the nuances of their vehicle service experience (scheduled maintenance, seasonal tire changes, etc.).  

Armed with insights, we developed communications strategies unique to each customer, turning customer data into a vehicle for digital interactions. Our solution included: 

  • Streamlining sales and service messaging into one synchronized program using predictive models. 
  • Personalizing communications to drive results using data analytics, predictive modeling, and dynamic creative optimization. 
  • Giving dealers the ability to run ad-hoc marketing campaigns using forecasting models and predictive model scores. 
  • Reducing the cost to our client by targeting customers more efficiently and effectively without sacrificing results. 

To foster brand loyalty and service retention, we carefully crafted personalized communications that would give each customer a relevant, attractive, and meaningful incentive to have their vehicle serviced by their local dealer. We combined two separate types of customer journeys into a seamless and integrated content plan to make the overall customer experience better. 

At the heart of our solution was our Marketing Engagement Platform (MEP), a modern, flexible, end-to-end marketing automation platform for the Salesforce ecosystem, built specifically for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their dealerships.  

The MEP platform played a crucial role in helping the manufacturer send hyper-personalized messages. We tailored a mix of sales and service communications directly to vehicle owners at times when they needed it most, such as annual maintenance reminders. To work smarter, we helped them identify customers who were highly likely to require specific parts and services. This resulted in a better return on investment for their marketing efforts. 

“How do we know that customers want localized communications? We asked customers what they think about local versus corporate communications, including the value and effect on preference, motivation, and loyalty—and then paired that with decades of performance marketing data.”

– Kevin O’Brien | Managing Director, Performance Marketing Group, Concentrix 


Our ability to analyze the existing data, identify customer trends, and design and deliver hyper-localized communications through a singular platform (MEP) delivered on the client goals with: 

  • 7% increase in responses by decreasing messages sent and using precision targeting 
  • $13 increase in spend per service for active customers with our new program 
  • 2x dealer response rate due to our predictive model program 
  • 42% lift in service business from previously inactive customers 

To learn more about hyper personalization and localized marketing, including how and where our Marketing Engagement Platform fits your sales engine, check out our Automotive Customer Research Report

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