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IVR Banking
Case Studies

Modernizing the Voice of IVR Banking

Learn how a leading credit union modernized its IVR with natural language processing to increase utilization, containment, and satisfaction.

Cloud Contact Center Migration

Cloud Contact Center Migration 

Do you understand what moving to the cloud means for your business and the best way to implement it? Watch our webinar to learn more.

Case Studies

Going above and beyond Exceptional CX

See how this top-performing insurance client leveraged our customer experience framework and assessment to propel its CX strategy even further.

CX Ecosystem

Rethink Your CX Ecosystem

The future of customer service is here. Watch this webcast and learn how to envision an integrated CX strategy powered by AI technologies.

Customer experience research
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CX Research

Learn how Concentrix’s customer experience research solution can help you better understand the customer lifecycle—driving your brand to CX growth.