A year of impact through the Power of ONE

As a global business, we are responsible for enriching the lives of our game-changers, giving back to our communities, and supporting our planet’s health – and we take it very seriously.

At Concentrix, we believe that one action can create a wave of positivity, resilience, and compassion and change the lives of countless others. If one action or game-changer can make such a difference through the power of One Concentrix and our global reach, we are ready to act as a force for good and change the world. To do this, we have identified five key impact areas.

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The Power of One | Concentrix Sustainability Report 2024

Our five impact areas

Our Planet
Our Planet

Accelerating our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and reach Net Zero by 2050.

Our Game-changers

Advancing initiatives that promote an inclusive, supportive workplace culture.

Building Trust
Building Trust

Upholding integrity in everything we do reinforces a foundational trust that informs every decision we make.

Innovation and Tech
Innovation and Tech

Addressing societal challenges and emphasizing our commitment to meaningful change through innovative solutions.

Our Communities
Our Communities

Committing to energizing and elevating the communities that we serve, and fostering resilience and growth worldwide.

An impactful year in review

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In action:

Project Change allows our game-changers to bring to life projects that can help solve ESG challenges and have a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. Winning candidates bring their own projects to life with the support of a mentor. In addition, winners attended the One Young World (OYW) summit to create the maximum positive impact possible.

Project in focus: Deaf Culture and Sign Language Training
“As a Sign Language interpreter, I come across a lot of people in my everyday work that do not have a basic understanding of the Deaf community, their language and culture. Being able to educate our Concentrix game-changers on this important social culture is a big mission, but made easier via the Concentrix University platform. I had originally thought of the concept when I was doing professional self-development at Concentrix University and noticed nothing there regarding the Deaf community. When applications were due for Project Change, it gave me the perfect opportunity to pitch my idea and get the support I needed to get it off the ground!”

Jaime B.

New Zealand

The Winnie Sun Scholarship

In partnership with Think Human Foundation, we established the Winnie Sun Scholarship, which benefits young women in India.

Now in its fourth year, the Winnie Sun Scholarship has a total of 334 recipients. In addition, the Buddy Connect initiative enabled 72 women to gain the confidence they need as they enter the workforce. In 2024, we have 20 scholars eligible for placements, eight scholars selected for internships, and 13 scholars placed in multinational corporations.

Success Story
“My father is a farmer, and mother is a housewife. I completed most of my graduation through government resources; therefore, when it came to college, my parents weren’t able to support my fees. It was only due to Winnie Sun that I could study further and dare to dream. My Buddy Connect mentor’s guidance proved invaluable for me. We covered various topics, including confidence, professionalism, etc. All this helped me prepare for my placement interviews. I am proud to share that I will begin my career as a software engineer in one of the top IT companies and earn a seven-figure package. This development will help me transform my family’s life. I am now motivated to assist others in transforming their lives just as I have been fortunate to have mine.”

Kajal M.

Winnie Sun Scholar


Now in its fourth year, our Adopt-a-Community program supports approximately 176 families on four urban farms in the Philippines.

Our game-changers uplift community livelihoods and promote environmental sustainability for the next generation by donating their time and partnering with local governments to set up these farms for communities in need and equip families with the skills and opportunities needed for the community to become self-sufficient.

“The Sunnyville Farm Project helps improve our lives by providing fresh and nutritious vegetables. We are truly grateful to Concentrix for their continued support and guidance and for the help they extended to us to ensure the sustainability of this program so more farmers like me can benefit from it.”


Partner farmer at Sunnyville Farm in Quezon City, Philippines

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