Concentrix Wins Three Gold Golden Bridge Awards for Commitment to Staff Diversity and Wellness

The International Awards Program Recognizes Concentrix’ Excellence in Promoting Staff Inclusivity and Supporting Wellbeing

The Golden Bridge Awards has recognized two of Concentrix’ innovative wellness solutions and our DEI Initiatives as Gold winners for 2023.

KeepAppy is the new and innovative wellness app from Concentrix that offers a comprehensive toolkit for managing and maintaining mental wellbeing, offering 10 different tools that help users manage and maintain their mental health, such as a Mood Tracker, Gratitude Journal, Relaxation Techniques, Gamification using Augmented Reality, and more.

Concentrix SafeSpace is an internal web-based platform that provides staff with a comprehensive toolkit that helps them manage their mental health and find the support they need when they need it with one-click access to Employee Assistance Programs, mental health training modules, Crisis Helplines, Mental Wellness Partners, and more.

Concentrix’s DEI initiatives and campaigns are helping to build a workplace where everyone feels safe, respected and welcome. These initiatives include:

  • The Be Seen, Be Heard, Be You campaign, which allows for staff to voluntarily share aspects of their identity to allow our business to be more supportive and inclusive
  • Forming Staff-led Staff Resource Groups (SRGs) such as PRIDE (LGBTQIA+), ABILITY (Persons with Disabilities), Network of Women, and Black Professionals Network, which ensure our people’s voices are heard and they feel they belong

Holding comprehensive DEI trainings for people managers to help them understand how identity, bias, and microaggressions shape an inclusive environment.

Concentrix continues to take unique and innovative approaches to addressing mental wellbeing and DEI within our organization:

  • When deployed across staff, KeepAppy was proven to be significantly more engaging than other wellness apps on the market, seen particularly in terms of daily active usage, where is achieved triple the retention than the international average.
  • In just a few short months, SafeSpace has reached thousands of staff, with users spending just over 2 minutes on the platform to access the care they need in a timely manner.
  • From the launch of our Be Seen, Be Heard, Be You Campaign, nearly 169K+ staff elected to self-identify, and to date nearly 8,500 of our staff have been trained on mental health awareness, resulting in 132 lives saved in 2022 through interventions from our Mental Wellness partners.

Winning these three meaningful awards at the prestigious Golden Bridge Awards cements Concentrix’ drive to supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of all of our staff members and fostering a safe, inclusive workplace where people are celebrated for their differences and feel they belong.

This recognition reinforces our dedication to optimizing and maximizing the impact of wellness and DEI across our business.

For more on these initiatives, visit our ESG report.