Trust & Safety

Ensure a secure online future for your brand

A lot happens around the world in a single internet minute. Millions of messages are sent, hundreds of thousands of hours of user-generated content are uploaded, and around half a million hours of streamed media is consumed. Protecting platforms and users from inappropriate content, misinformation, fraud, and abuse isn’t just important—it’s essential.

trust and safety trust & safety Content moderation

Build scalable and resilient support

Ensuring a safe, secure, and regulatory compliant environment is essential to your brand reputation. Our Trust & Safety practice mixes the right balance of AI, automation, and human intervention to monitor your digital business 24/7. We play a pivotal role in building trust with users by safeguarding your platform or online community, while meeting users’ needs in their language, location, and scale. Prioritizing the protection of online platform users, our team is supported by wellbeing initiatives to ensure high-quality, sustainable solutions. Are you ready to create a safer digital world?

trust and safety trust & safety Content moderation

Protected experiences

Ensuring positive experiences by reviewing and approving content to certify its appropriateness and safety.

trust and safety trust & safety Content moderation

Uncompromised wellbeing

Supporting our teams with industry recognized wellbeing practices that guide and govern our operations.

trust and safety trust & safety Content moderation

Globalized operations

Operating in 25+ countries, our global team is well-versed in local online standards and regulations across the globe.

trust and safety trust & safety Content moderation

Technology innovation

Investing in R&D, infusing advanced AI tech, and shaping agile industry practices to meet emerging needs.

Concentrix Named a Leader and Star Performer in the Trust and Safety Services PEAK Matrix® by Everest Group

Gain a better understanding of the complexities of trust and safety for online platforms with Everest Group’s “Trust and Safety Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024.”

Safeguarding your customers is our business

Our Trust & Safety practice is uniquely designed with wellness at the core of everything we do, providing a safe and secure environment for our trust and safety experts to work in—while we safeguard your customers’ experience as a seamless extension of your brand. Our end-to-end partnerships, fueled by AI, data, and analytics, mean we’re continuously learning, innovating, and improving together.

Content Moderation

Validate the accuracy and safety of everything, from product reviews and customer feedback to multimedia user-generated content and virtual creative environments through content moderation to ensure users a safe experience.

Platform Integrity & Identity Operations

Analyze profiles and interactions to prevent scams and fraud from developing on your platform.

AI Support Services

Optimize decision accuracy and enhance platform experiences with trained AI models through supervised learning.

Legal and Regulatory Operations

Verify content and operational compliance with legal regulations on your platform.

Immersive Experience Moderation

Bring moderation expertise in virtual and immersive experiences, both within and outside of gaming platforms.

Live/Critical Safety Support

Handle high-sensitivity live or time-critical incidents with immediate support to online victims.

trust and safety trust & safety Content moderation
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Driving trust, safety, and content moderation globally.

Optimizing Wellness in the Trust & Safety Industry

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Optimizing Wellness in the Trust & Safety Industry

Gain insight into the lived experience of trust and safety experts and the impact of wellness interventions.

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