Voice of the Customer

Turning customer feedback into action with VOC solutions

The best way to find out what your customers want and need? Ask them. We marry technology and expertise to help you make the most of feedback from your customers. Ready to modernize your customer listening program?

Technology plus a different kind of partner

Although most customer feedback solutions sound the same, there are big differences. These differences determine whether your investments deliver meaningful change or just more data. Our VOC solutions are powered by the latest innovations in generative AI, natural language processing, and more. Even better, we partner differently to help you design, build, and run your customer feedback programs. The results? We transform feedback from reactive to regenerative. We unleash its potential for your customers and your company.

Listen to every voice, even the quiet ones.

Understand how customers think and feel.

Wire customer feedback into decisions.

Take actions that improve experiences.

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Concentrix Named a Strong Performer in Customer Feedback Management

“Organizations with small teams or programs looking for a strategic partner paired with solid technology should put Concentrix on their shortlists.”


The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management, Q1 2023

VOC Platform

Meet ConcentrixCX—a feedback platform that was purpose built to improve experiences.

Modern Listening

Understand perceptions at each point in the journey with ConcentrixCX, capturing and unifying signals for a holistic view of CX.

Analytics & Gen AI

Detect patterns in behavior and fuel decision-making at every level by harnessing the power of generative AI, machine learning, and world-class analytic tools.

Automated Actions

Help your employees become smarter and more efficient with real-time orchestration workflows that improve experiences and drive engagement.
The #1 feedback management solution

The #1 feedback management solution

Experience Management Services

From program management to strategic advisory services, our diverse team of CX pros can meet you anywhere in your CX journey with a tailored support plan that evolves with you. They’ll help you to solve for the human quotient of CX by integrating best practices and proven methods with your VOC solutions to ensure you’re getting maximum value from the technology, continuously innovating, and always improving. 

Measurement Design

Build a VOC program that informs business decisions and makes an impact. From feedback strategy to platform reporting, we’ll guide you through all the design decisions, align you to best practices, and ensure your program is set up for success.

Program Management

Get maximum value from your VOC platform. Our implementation and program success teams find new ways to help you grow, handling the day-to-day administration of the program so you can focus on driving CX improvement.

Culture and Adoption

Build an organization that’s fueled by customer experience. Our culture consultants are laser-focused on helping you design and deploy strategies that engage your people in CX, from platform adoption plans to closed loop design.

Insights & Action Planning

Make the most of your customer experience data, uncover meaningful intelligence, and drive value for your customers. By combining the powerful insights from ConcentrixCX with people-led root cause analysis, action planning, and business strategy, we’ll quickly accelerate the impact of your program.
Pain Point Prioritization: Turning Financial Services Data into Decision-Making

Featured Insight

Pain Point Prioritization: Turning Financial Services Data into Decision-Making 

Decode your financial services VOC program by identifying and prioritizing what customer pain points are most important to your business.

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