Custom dashboard

ConcentrixCX Dashboard Builder

Empower CX optimization with our dashboard builder by creating custom dashboards for real-time tracking of customer insights and feedback from ConcentrixCX.

ConcentrixCX Survey Builder

Building surveys just got easier. Get the all-in-one benefit of intuitive DIY customization + best practices + programming expertise from a team of CX experts.

CX Accelerate

CX Accelerate

Learn how, Concentrix CX Accelerate, a rapid consulting engagement that investigates targeted CX strategies, can deliver actionable insights.

VOC Essentials for Messaging

VOC Essentials for Messaging

VOC Essentials for Messaging empowers companies to instantly trigger feedback mechanisms after conversations in popular messaging apps.

Concentrix Fact Sheet

Get an introduction to Concentrix and how we design, build, and run experiences people love to use.