Fact Sheet

Concentrix Bot Optimization

Using bots to automate tasks, drive efficiencies, and help customers self-serve has revolutionized CX. But, applying the technology shouldn’t be a “set it and forget it” exercise. To build better bots that drive improved outcomes, you need to constantly assess how well yours are performing.

While the tasks they perform may appear simple, building them is complex. Optimizing them to create a personal and friendly customer experience takes a new set of skills—that not all brands possess.

Our team of natural language understanding (NLU) experts understand what it takes to create exceptional CX. With Concentrix Bot Optimization, we evaluate your current environment, using your data to glean actionable insights on how to optimize your technology and deliver the results you desire.

Download our fact sheet to find out how we can optimize your conversational AI bot technology for increased customer satisfaction and better outcomes.