eBook Cover - Localized Marketing Communications at Scale


Localized Marketing Communications at Scale

Orchestrating Marketing
Communications That Exceed Expectations

Today’s automotive customers demand more than ever before. They’re looking for a consistent experience that combines both local dealer engagement and manufacturer interactions. They demand seamless, localized brand experiences that matter.

How do we know that customers want localized marketing communications? It’s simple. We asked them. We gathered nearly 1500 survey responses from customers who’ve either had their vehicle serviced by a dealer within the last 12 months or are in the market for a new vehicle in the next 12 months.

So, what’s the key to clearing the communications traffic jam and giving customers the green light to engage? Our report has the answers. Download it today and get on the road to activating marketing campaigns across the automotive lifecycle.

The need has never been greater to deliver a customer experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Key Takeaways

eBook Cover - Localized Marketing Communications at Scale

In this report, we’ve outlined the approach needed to exceed customer expectations and maximize revenue from your localized marketing communications, including:

  • Customer research insights 
  • Barriers to adoption at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and dealer level 
  • Our Marketing Engagement Platform approach 
  • Proven experience in driving a 42% lift in service from previously inactive customers 

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