An Automotive Leader’s Journey to Improve Customer Engagement

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improve customer engagement


concepts to drive increased customer engagement


In their commitment to foster innovation and improve customer engagement, the client saw the need to refine sales and service processes. This involved improving communication between sales consultants and customers.  

By evolving the showroom experience across the globe, the client sought to drive deeper engagement with customers. 


The project began with a two-part user-centered question:

“What is really needed by sales consultants to deliver an exceptional customer experience?” 

“And how can digital be leveraged to achieve that goal?” 

Concentrix was chosen to uncover crucial insights using our established research methods and formulate a solution concept to improve customer engagement. Additionally, our work extended to validating the concept with end users to prove its potential in enhancing customer engagement. 

We began by identifying the target users and establishing hypotheses about their: 

  • Behaviors 
  • Pain points 
  • Areas of influence in the customer purchase journey

Our team not only managed in-depth interviews with both sales consultants and customers, but we also conducted in-showroom shadowing across multiple geographies to identify any notable variances in the purchase journey. 

Based on the insights derived from these research activities, the team identified over 50 potential solution concepts to improve customer engagement. These were validated and prioritized with the client, and our team created showroom concepts for the five highest-priority ideas. 

improve customer engagement
improve customer engagement

This strategic deployment enabled a much-needed self-service device activation feature within the self-service app, support for FAQs, and a customer survey. 


By working closely with sales consultants and effectively managing senior stakeholders, we were able to identify and validate five high-value concepts that led to concrete steps being taken to improve customer engagement.

Looking to drive a better customer experience? Let our industry expertise accelerate your expectations throughout the automotive lifecycle.

improve customer engagement
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