Learning with Leaders: Automotive Cloud

Automotive Cloud

As a design and launch partner for Salesforce Automotive Cloud, Concentrix is helping to drive the innovations that are moving the automotive industry forward. With significant change across the automotive market, from the rise of electric vehicles to telematics, opportunities are emerging for manufacturers and dealers to shift the customer experience (CX) into the future.     

Listen to Automotive Cloud experts Vicki Poponi from Salesforce and Kevin O’Brien at Concentrix discuss  the insights automotive leaders need now to steer organizations towards a customer-centric approach, including:       

  • How to leverage vehicle, service, and customer data for a more personalized CX  
  • Ways to enrich CX by making the customer journey seamless across channels 
  • The benefits of a single platform for a holistic view of the customer



Vicki Poponi
VP, Automotive Industry Advisor, Salesforce


Kevin O’Brien
VP, Performance Marketing, Concentrix Catalyst

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