2023 Automotive Customer Experience Report


Automotive CX Executive Report

Concentrix and Salesforce Navigate the Future of the Automotive Customer Experience

The automotive customer experience is evolving. A modern, hyper-connected buying and ownership experience offered by new electronic vehicle (EV) brands and digitally native dealers is quickly eroding market share for legacy original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers. Customers are shifting lanes, forcing established automakers to look at new ways to connect, measure, and exceed customer expectations.

But where does the rubber meet the road in improving the CX automotive journey?

Concentrix and Salesforce surveyed 300 leading OEMs and dealers across the automotive industry to get a pulse on how they’re delivering compelling customer experiences. Based on our findings, we’ve outlined the opportunities that lie on the road ahead.

2023 Automotive Customer Experience Report

Key Takeaways

With a journey this important, there’s no reason to wait. Download our report to discover the following:  

  • The macro elements of the automotive experience and why they are important
  • How respondents feel about their firms’ CX vision, talent, customer data, technology, and budget
  • What OEMs and dealers believe about the experiences they deliver across the customer lifecycle
  • Why effective use of customer data is key to CX success
  • Enablers and barriers to great automotive CX and how to address them
  • How Salesforce Automotive Cloud™ is designed to deliver a unified 360- degree customer experience for the automotive industry