Transurban Achieves PCI Compliance with Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

cloud contact center implemented

SecurePay IVR implemented

PCI Attestation of Compliance provided


Transurban needed to be compliant with all payment card industry (PCI) security standards for onshore contact center personnel. They needed a holistic approach to achieving PCI compliance with the added flexibility for advisors to work both in the office and remotely to replace their telephony solution. Transurban also required integrations to their backend systems for customer account details and payment processing.  

Their goal was to enable a cloud transformation of their contact center with the ability to collect payment information, integrate with backend systems of record, and ultimately achieve certified PCI compliance. 


Transurban contracted with Concentrix to provide the following services: 

  1. Migrate Transurban’s existing telephony contact center to a cloud contact center. 
  2. Create an automated method for collecting credit card information that would achieve PCI compliance. 
  3. Integrate with Transurban’s backed host system for automated payment processing. 
  4. Achieve solution PCI compliance by delivering an Attestation of Compliance for the cloud contact center technology. 

Based on the requirements and goals, Concentrix proposed to implement a cloud transformation via: 

Cloud contact center service 

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Connect 


Advisors can rate the current response and provide feedback comments, creating a feedback loop to educate the generative AI model based on their experience.

Custom contact control panel

Including a form for metadata, a connected flow for collecting and processing credit card details for payments, and a flow for integrating to the customer’s host system for final payment processing. 

Ultimately, Transurban chose Concentrix because they trusted us to deliver a cloud-based contact center solution, including automated payments IVR with greater security, and felt we could provide expedited delivery within a reasonable budget.

Cloud Transformation

“Thank you for your incredible support, perseverance, and hard work to partner with Transurban to deliver the Amazon Connect PCI DSS Project. It truly is a special partnership and I’m grateful to each and every one of the team who have worked tirelessly to make it happen.”

– Cassandra Kingsley, Head of Customer Service, Transurban 


Concentrix, powered by AWS Connect, implemented a cloud transformation with a cloud-based contact center and SecurePay IVR. The solution allows onshore Transurban contact center advisors to take credit card information and process payments for customers wishing to make payments through the advisor team. Concentrix Global Security team provided an Attestation of Compliance for Self-Assessment Questionnaire D – Service Providers to meet the overall objectives for Transurban. All project requirements were delivered within an aggressive timeline and at a reasonable cost. 

Our solution was implemented in a phased approach following and delivering to Transurban timelines. This phased approach was necessary because their backend host APIs were being delivered in phases.  

Learn how moving your contact center to the cloud enables you to quickly adapt, shift, and meet customer expectations while also driving your business efficiencies and cost considerations. We make cloud contact center transformation easy. 

Cloud Transformation
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