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Self-service AI bots are transforming the customer journey, enabling brands to be there for customers in their preferred channels 24/7. By humanizing conversations at scale, you can now create personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

How we can help you

With self-service AI bots, you can simulate human-like conversation and provide information in real time to your customers on a wide range of topics. Concentrix ensures your success with conversational experiences through a thoughtful and agile approach that’s underpinned by human-centered design, informed by data, and driven by a relentless focus on turning every interaction into an amazing experience.

Unlock the value of generative AI and conversational AI.

Reduce workload for human advisors across CX channels.

Ensure your business is ready for the road ahead of next-gen AI solutions.

Expedite problem-solving by managing complex queries.

Improve customer satisfaction through engaging interactions.

Ready to create meaningful (AI) conversations?

Ready to create meaningful (AI) conversations?

Making the conversation flow for better CX

Concentrix has the expertise to design, build, and run self-service AI bots on an enterprise scale. We’ll help you supercharge conversational AI chat and voice bots, balancing innovation, risk, and cost-effectiveness on the way to achieving your desired outcomes.

AI Strategy & Roadmap

Establish a self-service AI bots strategy and actionable roadmap that fits with your CX vision, business goals, and AI maturity.

Customer Analytics

Analyze customer interactions, journeys, and feedback to identify pain points and target use cases for self-service AI bots.

AI Platform & Integration

Manage platform, hosting, user interface, dialogue management, integration with systems, and data sources for seamless experiences.

AI Bot Training

Use fine-tuning and machine learning techniques to train the bot’s underlying models and evaluate performance through iterative testing.

Conversational Design

Design natural language interactions for anticipated customer conversations to ensure customers are engaged and satisfied.

Bot Optimization

Monitor customer behaviors, feedback, and effectiveness of conversational experiences to identify improvement opportunities.
Making the conversation flow for better CX
of self-service messaging conversations deflected
or resolved by chatbots
0 %
of self-service voice conversations deflected or resolved
by chatbots
1 %
increase in CSAT
0 %

How we’ve made self-service AI bots work for leading brands​.

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