Contact Center AI: How to Achieve Conversational Experiences

Contact Center AI: How to Achieve Conversational Experiences

Artificial intelligence (AI) covers a wide range of technologies and capabilities. What connects them all is the drive to emulate how humans perceive, think, learn, see relationships, and solve problems. Creating conversational experiences is the holy grail of AI for companies worldwide.

One of the ways to achieve conversational AI experiences in the contact center is with self-service bots. Such contact center AI technology use natural language to provide human-like experiences with customers. It makes them feel like they’re speaking to a local bank teller or retail assistant—someone who is personally invested in them.

Download our infographic to learn about:

  • The different levels of conversational AI maturity and their pros and cons
  • What a natural conversation might look like across the conversational maturity scale
  • Key considerations for measuring conversational success 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need help evolving your conversational experiences, our design, build, run approach to conversational AI can get you where you—and your customers—need to go.  


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