Revolutionizing Fintech Customer Service: A Seamless Integration of Salesforce and Amazon Connect

Fintech Customer Service


cost savings


second reduction in AHT


IVR containment


Our client was awarded an exclusive partnership with a large fintech company offering small business credit cards, but it lacked the delivery essentials to provide exemplary fintech customer service. It did not have a call system in place, which meant it had no means of routing and no strategy for its IVR. Additionally, it lacked a billing platform and collection system, and its Salesforce solution was not integrated into any other system within the company.

Rather than building and implementing its own on-premise solution, the client wanted to partner with a digital company that could provide a customized, high-quality, cloud-based Salesforce contact center solution.


Ultimately, the client chose Concentrix for our experience in the financial services market, our omnichannel capabilities, and our cloud expertise. We provided a personalized solution involving IVR, Amazon Connect, and Salesforce that allowed the client to provide world-class solutions from the start. 

With so much to be developed and solutioned, we implemented an Agile way of working, constantly demoing the project for the client to gather and implement feedback. Compared to a Waterfall approach, where only the final product is demonstrated, our approach meant fewer surprises at the end and more client input into the development of features needed, empowering us to provide a fintech customer service solution that met the client’s needs. 

Our team started by breaking the entire project into smaller chunks, starting with designing the minimal viable product—the base-level solution needed to meet the client’s needs. We then built additional features on top of that solution: 

Amazon for telephony 

Amazon is used to take incoming calls and routing them appropriately, allowing calls to be assigned to the right department the first time. The solution includes sentiment analysis and call transcription. 

Salesforce as the CRM, chat, and email platform

Integrated with Amazon Connect and Fiserv, the back-end banking system processor, the solution allows information to be shared across all platforms in the organization. 

IVR development on Amazon Connect 

Built on Amazon Connect, the solution enables incoming calls to be routed through an IVR, passing along customer inputs to the advisor through a CTI screen pop. 

Intelligent Connect (IC) Dial

As the dialing and SMS platform for outgoing calls, the solution allows advisors to reach out to customers for collections, marketing, and other efforts, increasing penetration and overall collected revenue. 

Intelligent Connect (IC) Collections 

Our integrated web-based dialer uses augmented analytics, based on customer data, to proactively prompt advisors to call a profiled customer at a particular time for collections efforts. 

DocuFree’s Secure Mailroom

This digital mailroom solution scans, captures, and processes data from incoming documents, and integrates with the back-end systems to distribute it to the right people and systems. 

Fintech Customer Service

Concentrix exemplifies the consultative approach. They have the ability to challenge and propose neutrally brilliant solutions.

Client Operations Leader 


Where the client had anticipated spending millions trying to migrate to a mature fintech customer service solution, our cost to set up its CRM, build a self-service IVR, and integrate Salesforce with Amazon Connect was less than a quarter of that!  

$1.3M estimated cost savings

Provided by eliminating the need for the client to install on-premise technology  

30 second anticipated reduction in AHT

Achieved through the IVR passing along customer inputs through a CTI screen, reducing customer effort

60% anticipated IVR containment  

Empowering self-service for payments, payment arrangements, balance inquiries, and charge disputes 

cloud contact center solution can make it easy to engage with your customers in conversations that are natural, personalized, and connected.

Fintech Customer Service
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