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In an era of rapid demographic shifts, evolving customer needs, stricter regulatory pressures, and breakthrough technological advancements, insurance digital transformation has become essential to survive and thrive in the industry. Concentrix is redefining how insurers adapt and lead by ensuring future agility, sustainability, and growth. Our comprehensive suite of insurance solutions is designed to strategically elevate your omnichannel operations.

What We Do | Insurance

What we do

Acquisition & Retention

Capitalize on our expertise in data-driven insights to enhance marketing and sales strategies, attracting and retaining more customers. We streamline the sales process to simplify underwriting and boost gross written premium (GWP) while cultivating long-term loyalty and maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV) and loyalty.

Policy Support

Empower your offerings with generative AI, fine-tuned to deeply understand and meet customer requirements. Our insurance solutions remove complexity from terms and conditions, improving both compliance and customer experience. Utilizing the voice of the customer (VOC), we customize offerings, especially for high net-worth (HNW) clients, optimizing risk assessment, and reducing claims exposure.

Claims Management

Guarantee improved efficiency, strict compliance, and heightened customer satisfaction with our advanced, automated claims processing solutions. Our state-of-the-art analytical tools enable more accurate decision-making in claims handling, accelerating financial gains.

Fraud and Compliance

Navigate the complexities of KYC and regulatory requirements with ease, ensuring comprehensive compliance throughout onboarding and subsequent customer interactions. Our proactive management systems process alerts, address backlogs, and screen for suspicious activities, safeguarding against fraud while enhancing operational compliance and reducing associated costs.

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