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Are you ready to take your business to the next level with the power of generative AI? Our range of secure solutions helps you revolutionize your business at every level to develop intelligent journeys, operations, and enterprises. Get ready to transform at scale with our innovative and comprehensive approach to AI adoption.

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The future of enterprise AI

Concentrix stands at the forefront of the AI revolution with generative AI solutions informed by billions of data points for unmatched accuracy and relevance. Our applications, deployed into ultra-secure digital operations, offer robust protection and are used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. And we deliver enterprise-grade solutions rapidly, enabling businesses to benefit from faster deployment and quicker time to market.

Services & Solutions

AI Assessment & Roadmap

AI Assessment
& Roadmap

Identify your organization’s readiness to move forward with enterprise-scale generative AI solutions and discover how to build an actionable plan balancing risk and innovation.

Self-Service AI Bots

Form a deeper understanding of each customer’s need before responding naturally and conversationally—efficiently crafting personalized and dynamic responses with the right human tone.

Advisor Assist powered by Generative AI

Smart Assist

Boost customer experience and bottom-line impact by analyzing sentiment, offering personalized coaching, providing accurate answers, suggesting custom scripts, and auto-logging call notes and customer history.

Knowledge Management powered by Generative AI

Knowledge Management

Enhance customer support with AI-driven technology to generate and manage knowledge effectively—automating content, optimizing storage, and improving access to empower faster, informed decisions.

Automated Quality Assurance

Automated Quality

Analyze 100% of your customer interactions to detect deviations and opportunities to achieve higher quality standards, improve operational effectiveness, and ensure customer satisfaction.

DevX powered by Generative AI


Boost productivity throughout the development lifecycle—from writing and maintaining code, to testing, reviewing, and documenting—and receive recommendations to ensure a thoughtful end product at every step.

Content Creation

Use generative AI to streamline content creation processes, generate content at scale, personalize content, and free up time for content creators to focus on higher-level tasks.

Insights powered by Generative AI


Harness generative AI algorithms to extract valuable insights from your big data assets for game-changing business intelligence—simulate scenarios, predict trends, and make informed business decisions.

From Vision to Innovation: A Guide on Generative AI for Business Leaders

Featured Insight

From Vision to Innovation: A Guide on Generative AI for Business Leaders

Discover how you can use generative AI to grow revenue, save costs, innovate, and more.

The Concentrix difference

We’re helping brands to unlock growth with generative AI, from streamlining operations and accelerating processes to supercharging productivity.

Empowering Customers

Empower your customer interactions with smart AI advisors that power quality improvements without impacting satisfaction.

Enabling People

Augment your customer experience advisors with AI superpowers—driving dramatically enhanced experiences while saving costs.

Optimizing Processes

Streamline your back-office operations to eliminate manual repetition, optimize your workforce performance, and improve efficiency.

Enhancing Data

Harness the power of your data to train your LLMs to provide specific and superior, personalized customer experiences.

Protecting Brands

Safeguard your LLM performance with robust security, governance, and risk management protocols that securely and responsibly enhance your brand experience.
Why Concentrix

Generative AI at work

1. Envisioning a Better Healthcare Experience

We’re helping one healthcare company conceptualize a simpler healthcare experience with generative AI. By making interactions with doctors and healthcare providers less painful—fewer forms to fill, less waiting, and more meaningful conversations—generative AI has the potential to tailor healthcare to the individual. But before building a solution, the client needed a vision for how generative AI could evolve the patient experience.
1. Envisioning a Better Healthcare Experience
Better Answers Faster with Generative AI Help Desk

2. Customer Support Transformation in Tech

One technology company’s customer support advisors were struggling to navigate a complex landscape of products. We developed a generative AI application in just three weeks that allowed them to swiftly tackle technical queries with AI assistance. It featured a user-friendly interface, feedback mechanisms, analytics dashboards, and word moderation. Productivity soared by 65 percent, and query response times were slashed by four minutes, resulting in substantial cost savings.

3. Enhancing a Telehealth Chatbot

We created a secure, real-time generative AI solution that efficiently triaged patient inquiries, ensuring they received accurate responses while safeguarding their privacy. Conversational automation seamlessly incorporated data sources—even a treasure trove of first-party information—into the chatbot. While complying with healthcare regulations, we ingested provider data, integrated it into the existing model, and created the ability to integrate with a Language Learning Model.
3. Enhancing a Telehealth Chatbot
4. AI-Powered Shopping

4. AI-Powered Shopping

Faced with the challenge of overwhelming customers with too many options for online furniture shopping, 3D Cloud by Marxent sought a generative AI solution to simplify the process. They turned to Concentrix. In just two days, we crafted a generative AI chatbot. This AI buddy replaced dropdowns and checkboxes with conversation, making furniture customization a breeze and expediting the configuration of the perfect piece

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