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Transform customer engagement with performance marketing agency solutions

End-to-end, omnichannel campaigns powered by Salesforce are enabling automotive OEMs and dealers to thrive in the digital era. By providing scalable, locally personalized, and highly relevant communications throughout the customer lifecycle, you can initiate and improve customer journeys, increase revenue, and grow loyalty.

Your all-in-one automotive marketing partner

Simplify your marketing efforts with the expertise, technology, and support you need to achieve your targeted outcomes. With Concentrix Performance Marketing agency solutions for automotive, our service and platform help you provide seamless personalization, communication, and data management.

Full MarTech stack, enabled by Salesforce.

Complete performance marketing agency managed service when and where you need it.

Personalized marketing guidance tailored to your localization efforts.

Always-on and OnDemand lifecycle marketing campaigns.

Flexible deployment strategies.

Turbocharge your marketing strategy

Turbocharge your marketing strategy

Concentrix Named Major Contender in the Everest Group Marketing Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024

As a three-time major contender in the “Everest Group Marketing Services PEAK Matrix®,” we’re continuing to “enable CMOs to provide enhanced CX.” Our global reach, comprehensive capabilities, and extensive industry experience make us the perfect partner for your marketing needs.

Take the first step towards elevating your brand and accelerating business outcomes.

All your automotive campaign needs in one place

We’re your all-in-one automotive marketing partner, powered by Salesforce. The combination of our custom app, data-driven approach, and creative expertise help you run marketing campaigns that not only meet national brand and customer experience standards, but also bring the local dealership into every interaction. It’s marketing with a personal touch, on a grand scale.

Dealership Platform

Get everything from campaign management to interactive reporting and database management, all designed for a user-friendly experience.

Lifecycle Management

Guarantee that every communication is set to match OEM specifications that are personalized for each dealership, vehicle, and owner throughout the entire lifecycle.


Bridge gaps in the customer journey with OnDemand features, empowering dealerships to send highly personalized marketing messages for special occasions, dealership promotions, or any other moment in between.

Dealer Consultation

Optimize dealership enrollment and program performance with our team of automotive specialists dedicated to driving your marketing success.

Database Management

Bring data together from various systems and databases through secure cloud-based API connections, ensuring a robust database, backed by the power of machine learning and predictive modeling to enrich your marketing platform with enhanced target profiles.

Managed Services

Access a comprehensive suite of agency services, from advanced analytics and operational management to creative design, development, and digital marketing.
Localized Marketing Communications at Scale

Featured Insight

Localized Marketing Communications at Scale

Uncover the keys to meeting automotive customers’ demands for seamless, localized brand experiences with insights from our research with over 1,500 automotive consumers.

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