A Digital Transformation Roadmap to Better Experiences across All Touchpoints

digital transformation roadmap


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As one of the most recognizable players in the insurance industry, this client is on a mission to overhaul its operational efficiency, accelerate its digital transformation roadmap, elevate its overall customer experience, and provide high-quality, consistent service across all touchpoints. 

It’s a big ask, especially in an industry where cost is such a significant driver for customers. 

Since Concentrix was already providing customer support with advisors across the US, the client looked to us as the partner to accelerate this overhaul. Our experience in handling customer inquiries for the client provided us with the analytics and insights needed to guide the acceleration behind the scenes. 


In preparation for developing a digital transformation roadmap, we started by asking the client (our customer) a series of key questions. What were the goals? What were the objectives? What technologies need optimization, and which hadn’t been attempted? 

What we discovered was that the client wanted to embrace automation and self-service options, optimize an omnichannel approach, and reduce reliance on advisors. The goal was to enhance the customer experience by ensuring ease of use and consistent, high-quality service across all touchpoints. 

We used a variety of methods to identify significant opportunities to enhance the client’s IVR and chatbot solutions. These methods included (but were not limited to): 

  • Speaking in depth with client stakeholders around known and suspected user pain points 
  • Performing a heuristic design review on user interface specifications to uncover opportunities to incorporate industry best practices for IVR and chat experiences 
  • Reviewing transcripts of end user experiences to determine whether the applications were working as designed and if the downstream experience worked holistically 
  • A review of detailed application logs to understand where users experienced errors and in what volumes so that business cases could be created and appropriate prioritization of effort could be assigned. 

At the heart of our digital transformation roadmap was a dedicated, agile product owner and expert in conversation design, who led the team in collaborating with the client in identifying recommendations for enhancing containment and improving the customer experience. That single point-of-contact has been paramount in establishing strong client relationships and enabling progress on previous deployments that would have otherwise been de-prioritized. 

Through heuristic review, in-depth analysis of interaction technology, and close collaboration with teams across Concentrix, we were able to deliver: 

  • 46 chatbot recommendations, including 35 quick win changes, to improve the customer experience with consistent service across all touchpoints. 
  • 23 IVR recommendations to improve self-service options and reduce reliance on advisors. 

Ongoing analysis continues, using our advanced analytics tools to uncover and deploy even more improvements for the client. With initial recommendations already in place, our next drive will be towards new technology capabilities, including asynchronous business messaging and integrating generative AI and automation into chatbots. 

digital transformation roadmap

“We started by asking the client (our customer) a series of key questions. What were the goals? What were the objectives? What technologies need optimization, and which hadn’t been attempted?


46 chatbot recommendations impacting 500k annual transactions

35 quick win recommendations, 28 of which have already been deployed by the client

10-point (estimated) improvement in containment rates with identified recommendations 

2-point improvement in containment realized from quick win deployments

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digital transformation roadmap
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