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Our experience innovation established clarity and confidence among the client’s customers, directly contributing to revenue growth through contract renewals.


With the acquisition of two companies, this health innovator had the resources, staffing, and structure needed to embrace the idea of personalized healthcare and make the shift from a care navigator to a care provider. The client had high-level conversations about what it hoped to achieve—improving overall business ROI on healthcare and employee wellness—but no clear idea of how that might work or what such an experience innovation would look like. 

What it needed was help envisioning how the companies could work together to project the right leadership and ultimately deliver on a disruptive and compelling personalized healthcare experience. 


Concentrix was chosen to design an experience vision that would bring the client’s concept of personalized healthcare to life. And this wasn’t just a theoretical exercise. The client wanted the solution to be the centerpiece of a crucial event for clients and investors, which would serve as the foundation of its product roadmap as a newly combined entity. 

The key aspects of the experience innovation that we had to consider were the member experience, the provider care team experience, and the buyer experience (the human resources teams responsible for managing benefits for their employees). 

As we set about translating their vision into something to which buyers (and investors) could relate, we anchored our approach in human truths. Our mantra was, “Healthcare, as it should be.” This forced us to look at the behaviors, needs, and desires of all three audiences and deeply question all aspects of the current systems and processes. 

Working with stakeholders already aligned with this “question everything” approach, we were able to rapidly create a proof of concept of the experience vision, demonstrating how the company could ultimately deliver on the promise of personalized healthcare. The vision embraced emerging technologies like generative AI to dynamically surface member data for the customer care team to offer a more fluid experience.  

Where the US healthcare system is designed around interfaces that are optimized for electronic health records—monstrous screens with a confusing array of nested windows and menus—we conceptualized an AI that could ingest all those records and provide answers in response to questions. At the same time, AI is listening to the conversation in real time, generating recommendations throughout, based on following general parameters and objectives, as well as the interactions between the advisor and the member. 

Keeping with our human-centered approach, the use of technology allowed everyone involved in the journey to interact with systems and information in more human-centered ways—ways that are matched to the context of the situation. 

Our experience vision for personalized healthcare encompassed the invention of the user experience and user interface across three products where no requirements or design specifications existed: 

  • Member app: Aimed at primary members and their families, this app was designed to provide a mobile experience to view/edit their plan, engage care, and manage family benefits. 
  • Care app: Designed for the frontline care teams (healthcare assistants, nurses, and physicians), this app was designed to allow them to better engage and serve members.  
  • Customer dashboard: An innovation intended for the client’s true customers (human resources stakeholders), this reporting dashboard allowed them to monitor and manage the healthcare benefits of their employees. 

Once we defined the vision, imagining how all the various parts could come together in an innovative product solution, we then set about how to engage people in that vision. To do that, we constructed a video narrative that followed a member’s experience, showing how they could interact with and touch each part of the vision. At the same time, that video illustrated how a human-centered approach, bolstered by technologies like generative AI in healthcare, could help buyers impact the lives of their employees for the better.  

To ensure the viability and accuracy of the vision, we had the entire solution, right down to the visual details presented in the video, vetted by internal clinicians to ensure it was both HIPAA compliant and represented what a physician would need to see.

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This video represents a simplified version of the full experience presented on behalf of the client.

Experience innovation generative ai in healthcare

“It’s so exciting to think about how the work with Concentrix is truly going to change our company and healthcare overall. No shortage of miracle work from your teams.” – Client 


This experience innovation, as illustrated in the video, established clarity and confidence among the client’s customers, established its product and services roadmap, and became a rallying point for the enterprise. 

That confidence directly contributed to 30% revenue growth through contract renewals. 

Furthermore, because of the vision we created and delivered, one that incorporated generative AI in healthcare, the client was able to unify and align separate organizations at a critical integration point and anchor a 24-month product innovation roadmap. 

See how our Experience Design services draw upon everyday thinking, emotions, and behavior to create innovative new experiences that your customers will love, so that they become customers for life. 

Experience innovation generative ai in healthcare
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