Understand and transform customer experiences

Customers have more power than ever before. They know what they want and how they want it – and they buy from the brands who meet their expectations.

Concentrix combines world-class voice of the customer (VOC)  software with analytic services from our in-house team of CX pros, giving leading brands the power to understand customer journeys and sentiment, then take action to create the best experiences. We work with companies to design, deploy, and manage top-notch VOC programs to gather customer feedback, analyze the insights, and put those insights into action. The end result? Our clients are transforming customer experiences, realizing amazing financial outcomes and setting the stage for a bold future.

Concentrix Voice of the Customer

ConcentrixCX Software

Our enterprise VOC platform captures and integrates feedback from across the customer journey and puts it directly in the hands of your people – powering smarter, faster decision-making to improve the experiences and relationships customers have with your brand. From surveying to role-based reporting, text analytics and beyond, you’ll have the tools to collect and share customer insights.

Program Design
Concentrix Program Design Services

Program Design Services

To get customer feedback, all you need to do is come up with survey questions and ask them – easy, right? Wrong. There’s both an art and a science to building a VOC program that asks the right people the right questions, capturing the right data to inform the most effective actions. Our in-house experts will design your program to collect the data you need to reach your CX goals.

Program Success

Program Success Services

Did you know the average CX team has only 8-10 people? For VOC programs, there’s danger in such small numbers. It’s easy to get bogged down programming surveys and administering software – and that’s where we come in.

People and
Culture Strategies
Concentrix People & Culture Strategies

People & Culture Strategies

A company-wide culture of customer experience goes beyond scorecard metrics. It starts with listening to your customers. We combine software tools with guidance from our CX experts to bring the customer experience to life for your employees, empowering and inspiring them  to think and act “customer first” every day.

Improvement Consulting
Concentrix Continuous Improvement Consulting

Continuous Improvement Consulting

Even when you have the best surveys, real-time reporting and frontline employees doing all of the right things, there will still be policies, product and channel issues that degrade loyalty and increase effort. Our in-house CX experts uncover the reasons behind these issues, recommending corrective actions that ensure you deliver the best possible customer experiences.


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