Text Analytics Made Easy

Text analytics

As a leading financial services institution with thousands of branches across the US, it’s important that this client stays in touch with—and understands—what its customers are saying with ease. 


With 15 total listening programs across a variety of touchpoints on the CX journey, the client was having trouble with the overall navigation and consistency of its text analytics structure. Having to jump from channel to channel to be able to view customer feedback by category—including advisor friendliness, helpfulness, professionalism, and wait time—meant reports were not consistent enterprise-wide. Without one centralized location for text analytics, the client was having to pull data from multiple, separate reports—creating both a fragmented workflow and insight view.  

To create a unified strategy and gain deeper insights into what its customers are saying, the client turned to the team of strategic thinkers at Concentrix. 


To begin, Concentrix identified the need for one unified text analytics dashboard. To guarantee that each business line is accurately represented, we held planning sessions—making sure that program stakeholders were involved in key conversations. These discussions helped determine what the end user interface would look like and how it would be navigated.  

Implemented into our voice of the customer (VOC) platform, ConcentrixCX, the dashboard pulled together categorical data that was previously spread across multiple different locations—making it easier and quicker to gain a bird’s eye view of customer experience and sentiment. Consolidating all insights into one primary location eliminated internal silos and cross-channel redundancies, ultimately creating a more holistic journey view. 

To get to deeper insights beyond bringing together multiple sources of unstructured data, we introduced new measurement strategies. By showing trends over time—including biggest movers and categories by volume and sentiment—the client is now able to carry out analytical deep dives into these categories. Filters allow platform users to easily narrow down their search by channel, category, key metrics, and question type.  


The new, fully integrated dashboard made it more user-friendly for a total of 50+ executive leaders to navigate text analytics data—creating one central location for 50,000 monthly open-ended customer insights. Feedback categories that were previously measured in multiple places, are now streamlined and easier to fine-tune—resulting in 33 broader categories and an increase of confidence in their accuracy. 

Additionally, the new approach to analyzing different themes over time makes analytical deep dives effortless for both the client and Concentrix analysts. Insights uncovered from these observations are used in the client’s weekly executive reports, providing a richer view of the captured customer experience—and empowering business decisions.  

By partnering with Concentrix, this client was able to conquer its text analytics workflow, then take its strategy a step further with new methods of measuring and comparing data. A range of insight needs calls for an expertly designed VOC program—a task that we are always ready to help with.  

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