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Our experience design and mobility solutions are delivered through Tigerspike, a Concentrix digital services company. As experts in digital strategy, experience design, software development, systems integration and managed services, we solve complex business and user problems for our clients.

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Getting started can be the hardest part of solving any business problem. Tigerspike Catalyst sets you up for a successful solution with digital transformation.

A Catalyst Ignition Session is an interactive workshop that builds stakeholder alignment around a business problem and identifies what needs to be done to solve it.

A Catalyst Ignition Sprint is a short sprint that delivers the outputs you need to move the initiative forward.

Digital Capabilities
End-to-end Digital

End-to-End Digital Capabilities

With expertise across all phases of the product development lifecycle, we can work with you to deliver part or all of the solution.


  • Business Discovery: Identify your current business problems, prioritize them in order of importance, then create an actionable roadmap.
  • Experience Definition: Look at a specific business problem and define the solution.


  • Design & Build: Create the detailed design and execute on the development and systems integration for the solution.
  • Managed Service: Support, maintain, analyze and enhance the solution over time.
Business Needs
Specific Business Needs

Specific Business Needs

Want to understand how you can improve an existing product? A Product Review will identify challenges with your current experience and determine how it can be improved.

Want to test ideas your with internal and/or external users? A Proof of Concept can be used to test an idea or build excitement among stakeholders.

Want to learn more about a particular category, topic or skill? A Research Engagement will help you learn more about a particular area and validate any assumptions.

Capability Needs
Internal Capabilities

Internal Capability Needs

We can support you with internal education, skills gap assessments, best practices, growth strategies, and shadowing.

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