Voice Recognition Solutions Drives Improved Engagement


improvement in customer self-service


reduction in effort for customers and providers


more efficient solution


Driven to enhance experiences for both customers and providers, this client selected Concentrix to complete an extensive discovery process across multiple lines of customer service interactions with the goal of recommending solutions to orchestrate the handling and routing of inbound calls.


We recommended that the client implement an integrated Natural Language Understanding (NLU) IVR self-service application using a statistical language model (SLM) to provide callers with a fully conversational experience. This functionality allowed callers to say what they want, in their own words, so that calls could be more consistently routed to the best channel and/or advisor to provide the right customer service response.

The team then integrated this innovative IVR design with another digital capability—journey orchestration. Using this omnichannel technology, data was collected and linked across a customer’s or a provider’s journey to create a better context of their intent and allow us to better understand their needs.

Through our solution, customers and providers were guided quickly to the resources that best served them, including the potential to direct them to specialized advisors or other self-service channels, enabling more personalized vision care for both groups.


The Concentrix solution significantly improved the performance of the client’s IVR application over the previous solution design, which required a higher level of customer effort. Project implementation included new user interface design, testing, deployment, and post-deployment adjustments to ensure a low effort, high-quality customer experience. 


An innovative agreement committed to specific levels of performance created an environment of continuous improvement, insights, and innovation for optimization. These savings could be reapplied to further the client’s mission, continuing to enhance the integrated solution with analytics and insights to create lower effort, higher resolution support for their vision care customers. 


The streamlined engagement with customers and providers made possible through NLU voice technology application promoted better ease of use with customers and providers. Authentication rates completed within the IVR increased by 10% since the new solution implementation, a reflection of the power of the conversational IVR experience, combined with our innovative solution design.

“Very impressive implementation and execution. The results we’re seeing are significant.”

– Client Leadership


70% containment rate (and rising), exceeding our outcome-based performance guarantee

10% improvement in customer self-service rates 

10% reduction in effort for customers and providers via greater efficiencies in authentication

40% more efficient solution enabled investment in further customer care enhancements

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