Bot Automation Enhances Email Communication Services 
bot automation

Our client, a prominent commercial bank, has built a strong reputation for providing top-notch banking and credit services, along with a comprehensive wealth management portfolio. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge financial solutions, the client consistently expands its communication channels to ensure optimal accessibility for customers.  


The email channel at this full-service commercial bank was grappling with a relentless onslaught of customer support emails. Unfortunately, a significant portion of these emails proved to be repetitive or spam-based in nature, inundating advisors with inquiries that could have been resolved more efficiently elsewhere. As a result, the client faced mounting challenges, including longer average response times and inconsistent response quality. 

As the client’s first outsourced partner, supporting its voice and email services since 2020, Concentrix had the experience and the insight to propose a bot-based solution for transforming its services. 


With our passion for disrupting the status quo, we embarked on a consulting journey, immersing ourselves in the market trends within the client’s serviced areas, exploring internal concerns, and studying the competition’s offerings. Drawing from this comprehensive understanding, we devised a game-changing solution—an in-house built email bot cognitive aid technology. 

Our cutting-edge email bot solution empowered customers to engage with bot-driven responses for queries spanning from simple to complex. Armed with the ability to comprehend the contextual nuances of each email, the email bot seamlessly integrated with the bank’s backend system, enabling real-time information retrieval. It was able to identify customer sentiment and multiple intents within a single email, thereby delivering integrated and effective responses in one fell swoop. 

As for spam, we implemented robust spam filters that diligently sifted through all incoming emails, bolstering our efforts to identify and mitigate spam-related disruptions. 

The email bots we deployed were well-versed in crafting context-based replies, diligently addressing customers with simple repetitive queries (unattended automation). For more intricate scenarios, we leveraged the prowess of a natural language processing engine and skill-based routing, enabling intelligent deployment and seamless collaboration with advisors (attended automation). 

To ensure our solution’s continuous improvement, we developed extensive dashboards and analytics that offered valuable performance metrics. With these insights, we pinpointed areas primed for enhancement and fine-tuned our strategy accordingly. 

Recognizing the value of a phased approach, we introduced our solution in stages, allowing the client to witness visible improvements in its processes. This strategic implementation empowered it to prioritize pressing metric challenges, ranging from backlog management to email compliance. 


Six months down the line, our client experienced a significant transformation in their email management services. The most notable outcomes achieved since implementing our solution include: 

  • 87.8% of automatable email volume handled by bots 
  • 75% intent identification accuracy via bots 
  • 60-70% reduction in advisor effort through automation of repetitive queries 
  • 25-30% reduction in average handle time 
  • 15-20% FTE optimization 
  • 10-15% reduction in emails received from unauthenticated customers 

With a wealth of benefits realized and the transformational power of automation in their grasp, our client now sets the bar higher, breaking free from the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional email management. 

Download our Concentrix Email Bot fact sheet to find out how we can build your enterprise ready email automation engine, or visit our Automation & Operations page to learn about how else we can bring quality, speed, and scale to your digital operations.