Enterprise Modernization

Transforming CX from the inside out
Enterprise Modernization

Lead with speed and agility at your core.

Organizations are increasingly faced with shifting to or upgrading digital channels and reorienting business operations, and many are not equipped to quickly respond to market demands. To find your way through a maze of digital transformation initiatives, you need to quickly make business-critical changes and keep pace with rapidly evolving CX. We help future-proof your enterprise through a hands-on, human-centric approach to problem-solving. Meet the demands of continuously improving CX with agility, scalability, and self-service that are the difference-makers for customer-centricity.
App Modernization

App Modernization

Future-proof existing applications across mobile, web, and legacy platforms. By accelerating your time-to-market with our proven approach to evolving your app ecosystem, you can deliver the experiences people want when they want it. We help you to explore new enterprise modernization possibilities created by cloud, automation, generative AI, such as ChatGPT, and the latest best practices, and make them work seamlessly within your IT landscape.

Cloud Engineering

With the need to work anywhere, connect faster, and guarantee security and reliability, the cloud makes better CX possible. Companies must determine today whether legacy infrastructure and operations are sufficient to meet the digital business demands of tomorrow. We accelerate and scale your cloud journey while protecting your investment from evolving threats.
Enterprise Modernization Solutions

Intelligent Automation

Lay the groundwork for modern efficiencies by removing roadblocks to high-quality customer experiences through automation. Too often, automation initiatives occur in silos or fail to produce the intended results. As part of enterprise modernization, we help you evolve past your legacy systems and processes, and tap into a future of robotic process automation, generative AI, and ChatGPT-powered virtual assistants.

API Management & Security

As CX becomes more intricately tied to how customers interface across devices, systems, and platforms, APIs play an ever-greater role in how people interact with the world. Our forward-thinking approach to API management and security helps you shift left and enhance security, agility, and speed without sacrificing the benefits of APIs. We enable you to make daily pivots by establishing best practices that contribute to an innovative API program.

Self-Service, Chatbots & VAs

Conversational AI

For customers, self-service means 24/7/365 convenience. For companies, it means meeting customer needs in their channel of choice with lower costs. We help you create a self-service strategy that meets the needs of your customers and your business. Our intuitive solutions act on customer intent, in a natural, human-like way—from mobile apps and chatbots, to next-gen interactive voice response (IVR), and conversational virtual assistants (VAs), that can be enhanced by advanced technologies including Generative AI, such as ChatGPT.

Contact Center Transformation

Thanks to AI and the cloud, a new type of contact center has emerged. It delivers personalized experiences to support omnichannel journeys—with improved service resiliency, flexibility, and a lower cost to serve. We look holistically at your CX capabilities to help you transition to the contact center of the future, and introduce ways of working that drive longer-term operational change.

Modernization Solutions

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