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Starting in 2017, the client initiated a complex modernization project to upgrade its main product. More specifically: the client wanted to shift from on-premises to cloud-based platforms, move from individual installations to a multi-client solution, and evolve from an inflexible application to a scalable and flexible architecture. 

With years of development stalled on the tracks and facing tight deadlines, the client had piled up a significant amount of technical debt and found it challenging to deliver a software version that matched the customer requirements. The lack of comprehensive documentation on the legacy system and narrowly distributed domain expertise only intensified the client’s hurdles. It was time to set this derailed product on the right track—and propel it into the future via a shift to product-centric delivery. 


By 2023, after three years of delays and with completion far off, the client sought help from Concentrix–already a trusted development partner—to steer the project in the right direction. We soon found the project to be an ideal alignment with our Product Acceleration solution, designed for speedy market entry and customer-centered product evolution. Our strategy was based on customer success indicators, and it both encouraged team synergy and facilitated streamlined decision-making processes. We addressed the client’s five critical needs with our solution: 

  • Align around a shared vision 
  • Organize and prioritize tasks 
  • Modernize the client’s technology stack 
  • Employ software development best practices 
  • Accelerate market entry speed 

Our expert team, composed of experienced product owners, business analysts, designers, and architects, led the client’s shift from a project-focused to a product-centric delivery model. Using product blueprinting, we harmonized the client’s business and technical teams toward a shared objective and introduced process improvements that allowed the development teams to restructure tasks, minimize technical debt, and make informed technology investments. 

Through swift prototyping and development, lean governance, and solid DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) methodologies, our team consistently delivered tangible results for the client and its customers. 


“Concentrix delivery team seamlessly integrated with our team, bringing product experts, architects and capacity to accelerate our time to a new product vision with MVP definition and feature evolution roadmap prioritized based on our needs.”

– Vice President of Product Management


Gradual changes to feature prioritization and the team’s operating model, guided by our product-centric delivery model, have resulted in faster delivery and better harmony across business and technical teams.

20K business requirements reviewed, workshopped, and documented

1,415 features authored with acceptance criteria and estimations across four clients

In support of this, we established a running feature backlog for both core product and customizations and the formulation of a prioritized product pathway for a three-year development program. 

Whether your fragmented, ever-changing tech solution requirements feel overwhelming or you’re already redefining limits and pushing boundaries, Concentrix can enable you to excel as a true digital transformation champion.

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