Achieving Sales Transformation for a Lasting Impact

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Sales Transformation


YoY revenue growth 


increase in deal size 


reduction in sales cycle 


When this global technology giant wanted to improve its approach to the small and medium-sized business (SMB) customer segment in a scalable way, there was a lot to consider. It needed to rethink its entire business-to-business (B2B) sales model, including seller roles, processes, training and manager guidance, tools and systems, and data and insights.  

The goal was to increase seller coverage ratios, improve revenue, and shorten the sales cycle—all while improving on the overall customer experience. To say that such sales transformation was a big ask is an understatement. 


Enter Concentrix. In partnership with the client, we conducted a study to understand B2B customer buying preferences and how well they were aligned with the client’s strategy. Over 12 weeks, we reviewed the company’s capabilities and mapped a visionary customer journey for sales transformation. We recommended rebuilding from the inside out, starting with the core sales model and then working on process, enablement, and tooling.  

Specialist model realignment 

The priority was to realign the sales team away from strict geographic segmentation and more towards a specialist model that included solution sellers, sales engineers, and deal architects.

Prescriptive selling

The goal was to be more prescriptive regarding how to attack its territories. We built a planning tool that brought multiple data sources together and enabled sellers to plan the fastest path to quota by surfacing the in-market accounts for contact at the right time. 

Seller effectiveness

As the client established new roles and processes, we then focused on seller effectiveness. The goal was to make each customer touchpoint both more consistent and higher value. 

History logging

Having identified customer moments pivotal in progressing deals, we developed an enablement approach and tools to drive structured engagements and deliverables, including maturity assessments, product recommendations, and personalized business cases.

Sales Transformation

“Starting with the client’s capabilities, we mapped a visionary customer journey to rebuild its core sales model from the inside out, through process, enablement, and tools.”


Over two years, this tech giant completely transformed its 1,500-person sales team. The holistic approach taken at the beginning of the sales transformation journey was key to making this possible. Instead of tackling surface symptoms and problems, the client took a quick step back to align on its vision and understand how all the pieces of its sales organization needed to change to make a significant and lasting impact. This approach enabled: 

Sales Transformation

18% increase in the number of accounts and average deal size

22% reduction in sales cycle, reducing overall customer acquisition cost    

30% year-over-year revenue growth

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Sales Transformation
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