Empowering Account Ownership for End-to-End Sales
Empowering Account Ownership for End-to-End Sales
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This cloud technology leader was unhappy with their existing partnership performance and wanted to build out a more efficient partner onboarding and management process. To do that successfully, they needed support in increasing revenue and improving solution stickiness with their current customers.


In designing an end-to-end sales solution for the client, Concentrix focused on four key areas of their business to enable target consumption:

  • Business Development: Through lead sourcing and lead generation initiatives we converted both warm and cold leads into prospects that we could then hand off to the internal end-to-end sales teams.
  • New Business Sales and Account Management: We helped the client grow pipeline sales volume, accelerate time-to-close, and increase revenue by upselling/cross-selling new products and projects to create demand from existing customers.
  • Customer Success/Renewals: Utilizing account health checks, we increased recurring revenue from existing customers, with faster service ticket resolution, improved cross/upsell opportunities, and more effective channel partner management.
  • Partner Onboarding and Management: We managed the partner ecosystem to improve the quality of the partners inducted into the program and improve their overall partner onboarding experience.

As a result of our efforts and the revenue outcomes we were able to achieve, the client chose to expand the scope of our partnership to encompass global coverage.


Owning an account throughout the onboarding experience, from a qualified lead through to closing a commitment of spend, enabled our client to reach target consumption. Results included:

  • 190 percent increase in SMB revenue since 2019
  • 105 percent of revenue target consistently achieved
  • 9,000 new partners onboarded to SaaS platform
  • 98 percent partner onboarding satisfaction score

Learn how, by owning accounts from qualified leads through onboarding, Concentrix’s end-to-end Revenue Growth Services capabilities can help your business