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improvement in advisor performance


reduction in response time

This increase in productivity is leading to significant savings for the client.


With a wide range of products and technologies being supported, the client couldn’t expect even its best advisors to be experts at everything. There were just too many things to support. As a result, advisors often had to resort to searching the internet for answers, walkthroughs, or user manuals with which to respond to support requests.  

Not only was searching, reviewing, and evaluating the solutions time-consuming for advisors, but they couldn’t be sure they were providing the most appropriate response to the customer.

This led the client to ask a very simple question: Could we use generative AI customer support models to help advisors answer customer technical queries faster, easier, and more effectively? 

As the client’s first outsourced partner, supporting its voice and email services since 2020, Concentrix had the experience and the insight to propose just such a bot-based solution for transforming its services. 


Concentrix immediately set out to build an application for advisors to facilitate easy, secure, and governed access to an Azure generative AI model to answer customer queries. The initial version of the application was launched in less than three weeks using rapid application development with Microsoft Power Apps. 

The application was designed with guardrails to keep the advisor’s question on task, return responses in a common format and voice, log all interactions in a common place, solicit feedback and rating of the advisor experience, and provide administrative analytics. Key features of the tool included: 

Base interface

Advisors enter their question on the left side of the screen and the response is returned on the right. An ongoing log of the session is tracked below the input box, with the ability for questions to build upon previous interactions.

Rating and feedback

Advisors can rate the current response and provide feedback comments, creating a feedback loop to educate the generative AI model based on their experience.

Analytic dashboard

Managers have access to an analytics dashboard that allows them to view advisor adoption and usage rates as well as tool satisfaction ratings. Continuous data updates ensure they’re always reviewing the latest information.

History logging

Advisors and their management teams can review each interaction with the generative AI engine in detail, providing valuable opportunities for training of both the advisor and the generative AI customer support model. This also provides important analytic information for understanding customer call drivers and ways to improve the CX upstream.

Word moderation

To ensure appropriate use and limit misuse of the tool, managers have access to an interface that allows them to define search terms as being off-limits. If an advisor tries to complete a search with restricted words, the application will prevent them from going further and the attempt will be recorded in the logs for coaching or disciplinary purposes.

“Feedback from the advisors has been very positive. They feel empowered, seeing enhancements being made based on their feedback, and find the tool provides a more detailed solution for customers, especially with the ability to tailor responses for various personas.”


This increase in productivity is leading to significant savings for the client. 

Since implementation of the generative AI help desk tool:

65 percent improvement in advisor performance and productivity

4-minute reduction in the time required to answer customer queries

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