Australian Agribusiness Reduces a Two-Hour Daily Task to Minutes

Australian agribusiness reduces a two-hour daily task to minutes

The client is a leading Australian agribusiness with ownership of unique international assets across the grain and oilseed supply chain. They have the largest grain storage and logistics network in eastern Australia, spanning regional storage facilities, rail/road, and bulk grain ports.


Daily, Site Managers were required to communicate grain and loading information to the Logistics Team in order to plan the day’s rail schedule. On some days, a Site Manager could spend up to two hours on the phone gathering and exchanging information with the Logistics Team.

GrainCorp: Reducing a two hour daily task to minutes


Following the Experience Definition approach, Concentrix Catalyst iterated on a tablet and mobile responsive web solution that was tested with a group of managers before being rolled out across Australia. The site integrates directly with SAP and SMS is used for reminders and important updates. Once information from the sites is entered, a schedule is automatically generated and updated when information changes.

GrainCorp: Reducing a two hour daily task to minutes


The new solution enables managers to complete the task in a matter of minutes, spending more time attending to managing site safety, efficiency, and compliance. Data and information recorded over time will be used to improve site and rail efficiency further.

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