ConcentrixCX Dashboard Builder

Custom dashboard

Custom Dashboard Building Made Easy

Feeling like your view into the customer experience journey needs a personalized makeover? Dashboard Builder to the rescue! 

Whether solicited through surveys, or shared through interactions with customer service, optimizing CX begins with gathering customer insights and feedback. With our customer experience dashboard builder for ConcentrixCX, you can empower your entire team with customer insights in real time. Dashboard Builder allows each user to create a custom dashboard, with their own customized view of CX metrics, by using widgets that they can drag and drop into an efficient, easy-to-track analytical dashboard of live data.  

There’s no limit to the number of custom dashboards that a user can create, and each dashboard layout can incorporate pre-built widgets, or your own widgets that you build from scratch. You can build and personalize your own customer experience dashboard that will enable hands-on CX optimization. 

Download our factsheet to understand all the great features and the many benefits of our customer experience Dashboard Builder, an ideal way to fully harness the power of ConcentrixCX.