Content Management Streamlined for Healthcare Provider

healthcare content management

A $29 billion managed care consortium has been a trusted healthcare provider for millions of people across the U.S. for more than 60 years.  With a footprint in 21 states, over 700 care sites, 142 hospitals, and over 35 websites and apps, technology and digital engagement were critical components of reaching customers. The organization puts a strong emphasis on innovative digital health tools, such as healthcare content management via its online care platform, in its drive to create healthier patients.


With multiple websites and content management systems, the client faced technical challenges when updating and adding new features to its websites. Working around the existing patchwork of content management systems led to increased costs and technical debt. It hampered patient engagement as they attempted to manage their accounts, search for a service provider, pay premiums, and access health information. The company was searching for a new healthcare content management system able to handle the volume of content and integrate with the provider’s other existing digital platforms.


Concentrix Catalyst partnered with the health services provider to guide its implementation of Adobe Experience Manager and enable the not-for-profit to deliver high-quality content across its digital platforms. Concentrix Catalyst also implemented an RPA-based approach for content migration.

Concentrix Catalyst enabled the organization to gain additional insight into marketing programs and customer journeys through its implementation of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. The result was an agile, interactive healthcare content management platform that enabled the organization to get new features and updates in front of customers more quickly, for a better customer experience across digital touchpoints.


By building a repeatable bot-based infrastructure that was leveraged to replace manual content identification and migration, we reduced content migration costs by 50%. The healthcare company is now able to use customer data to automate website personalization and create more engaging experiences for its members.