The Future of Shopping: 3D Cloud by Marxent Creates the Perfect Chair with Our Generative AI Chatbot

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Buying furniture online can often feel like a gamble—it’s hard to know what exactly you’re getting from a staged, one-dimensional photo on screen. That’s where 3D Cloud by Marxent comes in. The company’s 3D Cloud CMS is the leading platform for furniture and DIY retailers offering 3D product configuration.  One of the most recognizable furniture brands in the world relied on 3D Cloud CMS to help their customers configure and customize furniture for their needs. However, the sheer number of possible configurations was creating friction points in the customer journey. With millions of possible variations for its iconic office chair, customers were overwhelmed, making it tough to find what they wanted quickly—so much so that many would get frustrated and abandon the shopping experience altogether.  



Think about how much easier furniture shopping could be if you could just talk to an AI furniture expert instead of getting lost in menus and buttons. It’s not just about furniture; it’s about transforming how we shop online.

With just such a transformation in mind, 3D Cloud by Marxent set its sights on incorporating a generative AI chatbot that could guide customers through the customization process and make furniture shopping more intuitive and natural. To do so, it teamed up with Google and Concentrix, delivering on that promise almost overnight with a proof of concept for a new chair buying experience.

AI Modeling
We used data from across the enterprise, including product information and images, and fed all this into our genAI Factory solution, which pulled from innovative AI models for chat and searching. The result? Instead of clicking through a bunch of options, customers could just converse with the generative AI chatbot, and it would guide them to the perfect chair.

Platform Driven
We relied on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Vertex AI, along with Google’s Gen App Builder, to create a rapid prototype. We applied our genAI Factory techniques and knowledge to craft a user-friendly AI experience that transforms simple clicks into interactive conversations.

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Generative AI Chatbot
“We can now train AI to be a furniture expert in the store experience and online experience and just for another level of reducing the friction to purchase. That’s what our end clients, which are the retailers, want, so that people feel confident about buying the thing they’re configuring. ”
Jeff Cowgill, Executive Director, 3D Cloud by Marxent  



In just two days, Concentrix had the generative AI chatbot up and running, and the furniture manufacturer tested it on one of their most popular products, an iconic office chair.


This success laid the foundation for not just using AI to support the configuration process across a family of performance seating products, but it can scale to every product in the 3D Cloud CMS.

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