Energy Giant Improves Efficiency with Job Processing Automation
Energy giant improves efficiency with job processing automation

The client is responsible for the safe and reliable supply of electricity to 2.2 million people in households and businesses across Sydney’s Greater West, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands the Illawarra, and the South Coast.


A Notification Of Service Work (NOSW) form is used whenever an employee is required to conduct a specific meter change, removal, or installation. There were a number of inefficiencies with this process, including lead time to process a job, the man-hours it took, and inaccurate information which meant some meters were not found.



The Concentrix Experience Definition team worked with staff to re-engineer the process from a mobile-first perspective and tested job processing automation concepts with employees. The solution uses geo-location to locate and report on the correct meter and has the capability to upload photos once the job is complete.



Providing contextually relevant information through a mobile device meant each contractor was able to complete an additional two to four jobs in one day. Job processing automation also improved processing time by 80%.

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