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Break out the balloons and streamers! This client is a retailer of party supplies, with franchises and holiday pop-up stores across North America.

When it came to customer experience (CX), though, they didn’t need an event planner, they needed a solution planner that could accelerate a cx digital transformation.


The client’s contact centers struggled with multiple platforms, making the customer experience a chore. Without a consolidated view of operations across locations, they couldn’t compare performance. The lack of visibility into customer inquiries left advisors scrambling, leading to longer (and longer) calls.

And nothing kills the festivities faster for customers than wasting time on the phone.


We collaborated with the client to understand their problem and then designed a cx digital transformation solution that fit their unique needs.

It all began with a CX analytics and consulting roadmap that allowed us to align the client’s vision to a series of milestones, each with anticipated outcomes. Our design, build, run delivery model focused on achieving the client’s CX vision by breaking it down into a portfolio of achievable initiatives. Celebrating the small wins along the way would make it easier to pursue the big win (and everybody wants to feel like a winner!). We also provided ongoing governance and insights for continuous improvement.

Implementing our Cloud Contact Center, powered by Amazon Connect, migrated (and connected) the client’s contact centers in the cloud. Customer services. Advisor services. Voice, chat, messaging, and IVR. We transformed the customer experience by creating new avenues for self-service, implemented a new asynchronous messaging solution that integrated webchat and SMS, and offered options with the IVR to switch the conversation to messaging.

That’s a lot of technology and services, but we connected it all in a seamless experience that enabled real-time insights, faster resolution, increased efficiency, and (most importantly!) happier customers.

We then implemented our messaging–integrated VOC solution, which allowed the client to capture and analyze customer signals across websites and mobile apps, unlocking new opportunities to further their cx digital transformation.

Connecting contact centers, advisors, and customers provided the visibility into quality that the client needed. That was a big win! Blended technology and advisor services turned time-consuming inquiries into automated services, freeing advisors to manage more complex calls (an even bigger win!).


The client achieved their desired transformative CX through our consultative approach and comprehensive cloud solutions, improving efficiencies, reducing overall costs, and increasing customer satisfaction with communication through channels of choice.

But don’t take our word for it—the numbers speak for themselves!

  • 15-20 percent estimated cost reduction in advisor-related operating expenses
  • 25 percent savings in toll-free costs with the switch to Amazon Web Services
  • 66 percent digital shift to messaging and IVR

In addition to reducing overall contact center costs, the client realized increased sales through improvements to customer experience and overall efficiency.

Like any great party, everybody went home happy.

Need to start your own CX party? Find out how our ConcentrixCX solution can power exceptional experiences.