Fortune 500 Company Cuts SAP Costs

Fortune 500 company cuts SAP costs

The client is a Fortune 500 company that has been building large-scale heavy infrastructure and leading oil and gas, water and mining projects for more than 130 years. With a focus on safety, integrity, excellence and stewardship, their projects have become the cornerstone of communities around the world.


With SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems used by more than 10 business divisions and hundreds of employees, the client was looking for a partner able to support and manage applications and critical business processes. The company also wanted to reduce maintenance costs for current applications and develop reporting tools able to deliver end-to-end visibility and tracking.


With extensive expertise in SAP and solutions for the latest SAP modules, Concentrix Catalyst was able to analyze and rationalize the client’s SAP applications. Through a managed services approach, Catalyst enabled 24/7 support and monitoring for the clients’s ERP systems, from supplier relationship management and logistics to human resources, business intelligence and more. Catalyst also developed reusable components that decreased maintenance costs and identified and eliminated bugs in applications to ensure continual year-over-year improvement.


By enabling global delivery and swifter support, the client was able to reduce maintenance costs of its SAP system by 25 percent over three years.

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