5 Strategies to Boost Survey Response Rates

5 Strategies to Boost Survey Response Rates

With the decline in survey response rates, CX professionals are looking for ways to bolster their strategies for capturing customer feedback.   Even with best-in-class survey technology and innovation, they have been challenged to take their feedback approach to the next level.

Overall, the process of priming can improve survey response rates.  At the same time, however, it is important to maintain the integrity of the survey and prevent biasing the results. Here are five design strategies to consider:

Advance Notice

If you plan to collect feedback about an advisor interaction, let the customer know about the survey before they speak with the advisor through an embedded message within the IVR.

Expected Timing

So that customers are on the lookout, be specific on the timing for when they will receive the feedback invitation.

Communication Delivery

To ensure accurate survey response rates, ensure that the front-line advisor population is not communicating about the survey to the customers. Advisors sometimes learn to communicate the survey notification on good calls to make those customers more likely to take the survey.  Additionally, advisors “forget” to use the survey notification on bad calls to make those customers less likely to take the survey. These tactics can be shared across advisor population and artificially boost scores.

Test the Results

Pilot the impact on survey response rates, respondent mix and metrics when priming the customer for feedback. This will inform your decision to implement at scale.

Quality Assurance

Update your call quality monitoring program to measure compliance with using this notification on 100% of the calls.

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