Born Digital: Generative AI’s Impact on your Business and Brand

Explore the Impact of Generative AI with the Pros

Generative AI has the potential to reshape every aspect of digital marketing—from planning to execution to analysis. As industry leaders look to bring together generative AI and marketing to boost productivity and scale personalization, many are unsure where to start and what’s possible to accomplish with available tools.

Join experts at Adobe and Concentrix as they explore the impact of generative AI on marketing and how it can help your marketing and CX teams to:

  • Automate asset creation by using natural language prompts with tools like Adobe’s Firefly to create images, while instantly generating content variations, and then adapting content to use across channels and locales.
  • Automate creation of content that incorporates brand tone of voice, style guidelines, and other specific requirements using tools for copywriting powered by generative AI.
  • Go beyond translation and adapt your content based on regional preferences and behavior patterns and run experiments to determine which variations perform best and use insights to improve future AI-generated content.
  • Democratize insights with Sensei Gen AI by using natural language tools to discover missed segmentation opportunities and provide text-based, contextual insights in real-time.
impact of generative ai
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Annette Franz

Annette Franz

Author and Host of Born Digital

Colin O'Neill

Colin O’Neil

Senior Director of Design

Dan Berenholz

Dan Berenholz

Senior Practice Lead, Americas Partners Solutions Consulting at Adobe


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