How to Improve Mobile Banking Customer Experiences

Current mobile banking

Customers want much more from your brand than you’re delivering, especially when it comes to mobile banking experience. Current mobile banking trends show that 38.7% of consumers switched their primary checking account to a different bank/credit union to receive a better mobile banking app experience.1  

If you don’t deliver the seamless, intuitive mobile experiences customers want, they may look elsewhere. Many banks are already investing heavily in mobile functionality, but when it comes to customer satisfaction, the bar of expectation continues to rise. And many banks are finding it hard to keep up. 

Customers are increasingly influenced by the mobile experiences they have with top brands in other industries. That’s causing a growing gap between what customers expect from their bank’s mobile experience and what they’re getting. Banks need to adopt the same level of focus as these other industry leaders to ensure that they meet or exceed customer expectations. 

We believe that when you put your customer at the center of your mobile strategy, what you design and build for them will focus on their top priorities. In this paper, we look at how you can accelerate a customer-focused mobile strategy, including: 

  • Common roadblocks in providing financial mobile experiences 
  • Challenges to building customer-centric experiences 
  • Tips to modernize your tech stack to support a scalable mobile experience 

1What Would It Take To Get You To Change Banks? (You’re Probably Lying),” Ron Shevlin, Forbes, September 1, 2022.