State of Brand Love  


Jodi Rausch 

VP, Loyalty Solutions 

The Most Loved Brands Win

We’ve all said that we’ve loved a brand. But what does that even mean? We set out to answer that question when we surveyed 3,375 consumers about their most loved brands. The result—the State of Brand Love research report.  

If you find it challenging to establish a deep emotional connection with your customers, you’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to create a genuine bond that goes beyond transactional relationships. Customers crave more—they want to feel a genuine connection with the brands they choose. Our report walks you through how to gain access to a customer’s inner circle of brand love and how it can transform your business.  

2/3 of consumers say they can’t be won back once a brand has lost their love.

Key Takeaways

Brand Love

Looking to escape the friend zone? Download the report and learn: 

  • What makes (or breaks) your customer relationships 
  • How to maintain close, enduring bonds with your customers to become one of their most loved brands 
  • Where to prioritize investment in the moments that matter most in the customer journey 

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