The Brands We Love by the Numbers

Brands we love

There’s no denying that the brands we love win the most wallet share. 

We surveyed 3,375 consumers to learn more about what creates strong emotional bonds between customers and brands and to build a framework for identifying, improving, and growing brand love. The framework places brands on either an “inner circle” (brands that are most loved by respondents) or an “outer circle” (brands that are actively avoided by respondents). By contrasting the two groups using the inner/outer circle model, we were able to determine the factors that make people love their most cherished brands and why other brands don’t make the cut.

In this infographic, we look at key findings from our brand love research about how nurturing brand love with customers reaps rewards for brands in the long term.

Download our infographic to learn about: 

  • How the most loved brands often equal the longest-loved brands—and, as a result, the most-purchased brands 
  • Why you should invest your time and effort into preventing customers from “breaking up” with you 
  • How the most critical moments with a brand are opportunities to build brand love

Whether you need a specific solution or the whole end-to-end journey, we’ll help you define the roadmap to achieve brand love and evolve it for the long haul.