CX Orchestration

Up-Level Your VOC Program for a Next-Level CX Journey

Oftentimes, companies will launch survey programs with the expectation of transforming their CX journey, but ultimately feel let down by the results. The missing link between program deployment and success? CX orchestration.  

Having systems implemented to quickly react to customer feedback is crucial, yet only 17% of companies say they are currently doing this.1 Without actionable processes in place, you run the risk of not only neglecting unhappy customers, but also losing loyal brand advocates. When it comes to meeting customer needs within their favorite channels, creating engaging surveys, and increasing operational efficiency, CX orchestration is key. 

Download our infographic for more helpful insights into the benefits of orchestrating customer feedback and how to get started on up-leveling your customer experience management.  

1 Concentrix Maturity Assessment, 2022.


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