Transport Authority Uses Co-Located Teams to Deliver a Better App

This government authority is responsible for the development of safe, integrated, and efficient transport systems across all modes of transport – roads, rail, ferries, light rail, and point-to-point, servicing the 5 million citizens. The state’s central ticketing system and has seen over 2 billion trips taken since its launch in 2012.


The transport authority is working towards a goal of increasing the number of transactions completed on digital channels to 70% by the end of 2019. By providing users the ability to self-serve, the transport authority is providing enhanced digital channels to allow customers to self-serve quickly and effectively.

With mobile playing an increasingly important role in the transport customer journey, the need for continuous investment in a user-centered, frictionless and robust mobile experience was identified as a key focus area for the transport authority.



Working towards the common goal of meeting the 70% target required Concentrix and the transport authority to function as “one team.” Run as an agile program, co-located teams switch between sites at specific times throughout each sprint based on the need for interaction with stakeholders and subject matter experts.

Co-location enables the multi-disciplinary team to move quickly together through the feature backlog, testing and iterating at a deliberate and sustainable pace.

With a number of features centered around user profile management and payment functions, such as balance top up and balance transfer, co-located teams enables the team to solve complex technical challenges in a highly efficient manner.



The continued rollout of self-serve features including an expanded profile management capability has led to a 50% reduction in monthly customer care calls for the transport authority since January 2018. The iOS and Android applications have been downloaded by the state’s citizens over 1.7 million times.

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