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Crypto Surge


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The client was faced with increasing consumer and regulatory pressure to offer live, 24/7 global support, but dealing with unpredictable volumes and interaction types. It needed a partner that could rapidly scale its global business model to support users in over 100 countries, while also dealing with the staffing swings and hiring surges required to support the period leading up to tax season. 

It wasn’t looking for just any partner however—it needed someone with a global presence in multiple markets who could sustain the customer experience while proactively managing the risks inherent in the crypto business. 


Concentrix was selected based on the depth and breadth of our partnering capabilities, especially within the highly regulated world of finance and cryptocurrency. What we were able to bring to the project from day one and beyond was: 

Crypto Hiring

Our virtual hiring proficiency within the industry started with visual authentication of the candidate, followed through key supplemental interview questions, and concluded with all the necessary compliance and conflict of interest disclosures. In the highly regulated world of cryptocurrency, we ensured skills and experience for the client while mitigating risk. 

Crypto Training

We proactively included internal training teams from the beginning of the process to develop a curriculum that invested in educating new concepts around digital assets and blockchain, resulting in skilled advisors who understood the lingo. Pairing our financial services expertise with the latest cryptocurrency developments enabled advisor success from day one.  

Crypto Implementation

We leveraged a team of experts focused solely on crypto implementations to deploy best practices, tools, and processes around crypto risk and compliance. Our approach gave the client the confidence they needed in the secure technology behind our advisors.

Global Reach

To accommodate the steep ramp of seasonal needs, our project management experts worked closely with the client and our internal teams to choose the best locations with comparable work, allowing us to ramp up seven globally diverse locations, not sequentially as most such programs grow, but simultaneously to meet the client’s seasonal demand.

Seasonal Staffing

Having successfully surged from 50 advisors to 2000 in just eight weeks, a monumental challenge as it was, we were then tasked with finding new positions for them within Concentrix so that the skills and experience would not be lost come the next seasonal surge. That’s where the investment in choosing the right locations and teams was crucial.

Crypto Surge

“Concentrix demonstrated strength in partnership through collaboration and flexibility, working in step with our team through very significant business changes impacting the operating model and global structure. ”

– Client CX Leader 


#1 performing partner, outperforming 3 competitors

9.4/10 client project management score 

17% NPS improvement

Whether you’re an established leader in the world of Banking and Finance or a New Economy Startup, see how our innovative industry operating models and cutting-edge technology can keep you ahead, delight customers, and drive business growth. 

Crypto Surge
Crypto Surge
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