BFSI Company Enhances Customer Experience With iOS Kiosk App

BFSI company enhances customer experience with iOS kiosk app

A unique franchise, delivering highly-valued banking, wealth, and insurance products and services across Australia and New Zealand employs over 12,000 employees and serves millions of customers.


Working towards opening a new Concept Store, the client had the aim of bringing together banking and insurance products from across all its brands into an exciting marketplace environment. A key element of the in-store experience was an eye-catching app to showcase the digital platform and services across the Suncorp suite.


With new branding recently approved internally at the client, but not yet released to the public, we ran our Experience Definition process with key stakeholders, prototyped a solution, and continued to iterate and incorporate user feedback which led to building the iOS product.


A visually appealing iOS application, uniquely designed for the large iPad Pro, was mounted within a kiosk in the concept store. The app employs animation and QR Code technology that allows users to download the showcased apps immediately.