The President’s Brief: A Model for Sharing CX Insights

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Every day, the United States intelligence community produces the President’s Daily Brief. It’s a summary of high-level, all-source information and analysis on national security issues produced for the president and key cabinet members and advisers. 1 Sounds like a great practice. So, how can you give your CX insights this presidential treatment? Here’s some ideas on how to boil down your data into the mission-critical information CX executives need to know. 

Getting the Essentials 

Think for a moment about all the things going on in the world that might be relevant to the president and national security. Think of all the people working to discover and develop the intelligence to funnel up to the top. Of course, there are wars, weather and energy issues, riots, migration concerns, global trade—many of the things we read about in the paper each day. But how many other things are going on that we never hear about? Imagine the amount of data and intelligence that is collected on a daily basis. 

Yet, the President’s Daily Brief only captures the essentials—only the data and related insights that the President has to know—to be informed and make necessary decisions. Not the noise, not the extraneous data. Sharing the wrong data or providing irrelevant insights could lead to clouded or even catastrophic decisions. It can also lead to the exact right action at the exact right moment, delivering the best possible outcome. It’s imperative that only the correct and necessary data is included in the daily briefings. 

What’s Your Daily CX Business Briefing Look Like?

Is your daily CX briefing like drinking from a fire hose or is it a meaningless drip? Does your briefing arrive only sporadically? Do you even get a CX briefing?  

CX business executives, while hopefully not dealing with national security issues, face similar challenges. Volumes and volumes of data are generated on a daily basis that tell you what is happening in your business:  

  • What are your customers saying about you and your products?  
  • How are your customer service channels performing?  
  • How many new customers did you acquire? 
  • Are your customers’ journeys optimized?  
  • How are your advisors performing?  
  • What is your competition doing? 
  • What do you need to focus on, and can you adapt in real time?

There’s simply too much data to sift through. 

Even more challenging, you may not even realize what data exists or where it is. You may not know how to get it all together and analyze it for the intelligence needed to adapt and change. And, with today’s business need for speed, you may be moving and changing too slowly to keep up in the market and the competition. In short, you want to know what you need to know—right now—so you can act as quickly as possible. You need an ecosystem of intelligence and action. 

Here’s Where to Start 

With decades of expertise in CX management and consulting, Concentrix helps businesses make sense of their data and provides decision-makers with the key operational insights that they need. We reduce and eliminate the noise of non-essential data to deliver an ecosystem of intelligence and action for today’s busy CX executives. 

The Five Domains

Concentrix’s approach uses five domains to bring together CX across touchpoints, examining your business through the lens of your customer, your employees, and your brand. 

  • Customer experience and engagement strategy: including omnichannel service design and demand and revenue generation. 
  • Customer perspective: customer journey mapping and analytics, voice of the customer, and social media framework.
  • Digital CX and architecture: AI-enabled performance and quality management, including channel enablement and knowledge management. 
  • CX performance management: governance, intelligence, and dashboards to make it easy to get the necessary actionable insights and help monitor and manage change. 
  • Operational alignment: synchronization across workforces, digital recruiting, hiring, and training and employee experience and engagement. 

The Design, Build, Run Framework 

We work with you to reimagine everything CX to enable sustainable CX transformation by first designing the right experiences, building them, and then running them to provide you with the actionable insights you need to achieve CX excellence. Our CX Accelerate solution gets you started with a rapid six-to-eight week consulting project that delivers the actionable insights you need to design what you need to know for your briefings, build out the infrastructure and data environments, and run it to produce the intelligence to help immediately improve your CX operations. We’ve done this for hundreds of our clients.  

Contact us to find out how we can help you know what you need to know, when you need to know it, and understand your options to drive change and better outcomes for your business. 

1 “What Is the PDB?,” The Public’s Daily Brief/President’s Daily Brief,


Reagan Miller

Global Vice President, Insights and Consulting

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